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Arcus – our new development in the 20m double-seater Class


For several years now we have been working on the idea of a completely new twin-seat concept for the 20 m class. We aspire to implement the newest trends in aerodynamic research into a high-performance and practical aircraft, thus adding a flexible and true alternative to the open class to the market. Through this consequent objective we are intending to offer an individual addition to the for many years all-time successful Duo Discus. The 20m double-seater class will thus be enriched by a truly agile flap-airplane, which will be available as glider, turbo or self-start versions. This idea has now matured to a real project and the prototype shall fly in the course of the year 2009.
Due to many request, we issue this News at our Homepage earlier to announce our completely new glider which will be named ARCUS.

In the past years we have been encouraged by the many developmental findings and experiences we obtained from today’s great handling single-seat gliders in knowing we could incorporate that knowledge into a concept for a new two-seat glider. Most important in all this always remained the pure joy of soaring.
Therefore, our goal was to develop a glider that would add significant new elements to the worldwide, increasingly popular 20 m double seater class and on the other hand, give all those who enjoy flying a two-seater a high performance yet easy to handle and in many cases an independent alternative.

To achieve these goals, the ARCUS will have a completely new designed flapped wing. In choosing the profile, both the wing’s geometrical design and the wing’s method of construc­tion were approached in a completely new way. New calculation and simulation programs were combined with tested data and trusted empirical knowledge. Thus, we were able to use a vast body of state of the art optimization knowledge, unavail­able before. From all this informaton crystallized a beautifully shaped, rather narrow and, above all, prominently arched wing surface – first angled forward, then arched back. This shape called for the appropriate name ARCUS (lat. = the Arc)
The wing design is not only geared towards glide ratio. With the use of well pro­portioned wing surfaces and harmonized aerodynamics, we tried to achieve the best possible handling and climb results also under high wingloading. The flaps play an important role in this. Especially in the configuration of self-launcher, the flaps will provide the additional Ca necessary for a smooth take-off performance. In addi­tion, the integrated full span flaperons will provide impressive maneuverability.

Comfort and Safeness
For the fuselage we are using the new "L"-cockpit already used in the new NIMBUS-4DLM and DUO DISCUS-xL. The feedback from our customers regarding its ergo­nomics, safety and roominess is overwhelmingly positive so there will be no open wishes. To complete a comfortable ride, we will install the sprung gear used on the DUO DISCUS-xL with its light and well braking Beringer wheel.

Power variants
The ARCUS will be available in various engine configurations. In addition to the pure glider configuration – most likely the standard version – there will also be a sustainer version using the reliable Oehler-Turbo system with the Solo 2350-engine and its new automatic ILEC controll unit. As mentioned earlier, there will also be a self-launching ARCUS. For this version we will use the already certified NIMBUS-4DM Binder system with the Solo 2625-2 engine, from which we expect a superior take-off performance and climb rate.

Electrical power unit
As a unique alternative, we also plan on offering an electrical version. This will be made possible through our co-operation with Lange Aviation in Zweibrücken. This is also where the engine will be installed and serviced. If you are interested in the electric version of the engine and have questions about the technology used and options available, we recommend you to contact Lange Aviation directly. Their contact information is

Lange Aviation GmbH
Brüsseler Straße 30, 66482 Zweibrücken
Phone +49 6332 / 9627-0
eMail: Info@Lange-Flugzeugbau.com

The opportunity exists to purchase a position on this new glider. If you have interest on such a new sailplane please go in contact with us via mailto:info@Schempp-Hirth.com or via telephone 0049-(0)7021-7298-313. It is our pleasure to advice you detailed and answer all your open questions.



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