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  • Bestowel of the aviator badge
  • Moved to Bischofsheim/Roehn in 1922 to build aircrafts
  • Crashed in 1923 with severe leg breakLost leg in a motorbike accident in 1924 – subsequent sporting activities (motorbike riding, flying) with wooden prosthetic.
  • February 1927, exam as power pilot (“A” certificate)1928 Concluded diploma at the Technical University of Stuttgart with a thesis on the construction of a long range aircraft
  • 1930/31 USA visit. Construction of gliders with Haller and Schempp. Glider flight over New York
  • June 1933, manager of the new gliding school in Hornberg
  • 1934 Participant in a gliding expedition to Brazil and Argentine under Prof. Georgi
  • 1935 Japan visit with the GO4 and Minimoa
  • 24.05.1936 Participant at the ISTUS conference with severe crash, in plaster and bed for 4 months March 1938 Flight to South Africa
  • 1939 foundation of the Wolf Hirth GmbH Company in Nabern (research and development) and construction of the ERPROBUNGSTRAEGER??? For the Do335, from caravans and the motorglider “Hi 20” (first flight 25.10.1941), serial production of the “Habicht”. Construction of the two seat glider “Hi 21”. Mass production of the "Me 109" elevators etc.
  • 21.01.1945 occupation of Nabern by the US forcesAfter the end of the back to back war time production of Beds, trolleys, Radio housings, kitchen furniture, sporting goods, cupboards, etc.
  • President of the German Aero Club
  • 1951 first delivery of a glider from Nabern again: GO4 111, Doppelraab, Mu13E, Lo100 and Lo150
  • 1958 Last designed aircraft under Wolf Hirth’s leadership, “Kria” flown for the first time
  • till 1959, production of the Kl107 A+B25.07.1959
  • Fatal crash with a Lo150

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