250th Arcus has been delivered

On 10th August 2017 we had the pleasure of handing over the 250th Arcus to his proud new owner, Michael Boik from the UK.

With the Arcus he now has a great, handy aircraft with which he can realize his sporting ambitions and share the joy of flying with others. No wonder, he is already looking forward to his holidays with his new aircraft! Michael's Arcus is equipped with the Turbo sustainer. This system allows secure and predictable cross-country flights, even in difficult thermal conditions and is light, easy to operate and low-maintenance. In addition to the Turbo system, the selflauncher Arcus M has become a highly popular and demanded motorization variant. A simple and perfectly coordinated handling and the high-performance engine allow maximum independence to the pilot. 

No matter what version: the Arcus offers a performance potential that sets standards, ease of operation and pure flying fun. Combined with the reliable Schempp-Hirth service and the value-stability of the aircraft, the Arcus is not only the probably most successful glider of the double seater class, but certainly one of the most popular, aswell. 

We congratulate Michael Boik on his new Arcus and look forward to making many more pilots happy with this beautiful glider!

For further information have a look at the Aerokurier