Arcus M pilots are successful in the southern hemisphere

Looking at the daily results of the OLC online contest these days, it is striking that Arcus M pilots dominate the top ranks in Namibia and South Africa. On 11.11.2017, the first 15 places are almost exclusively occupied by Arcus M pilots, for example.

The conditions were dreamlike, as the high average speeds show. Such flights require good pilot performance, experience and, of course, a good aircraft that can withstand harsh conditions. Especially with the given starting height and high temperatures, it is important to have a self- launcher with sufficient starting power. If, in addition, the handling of a 20 m double-seater is easy and enjoyable, even by the end of the day, you have all the qualities united which are needed under the fast yet challenging conditions in southern Africa.
Obviously, the Arcus M fulfills these requirements convincingly and allows the ambitious pilots to turn their skills into a maximum of distance and speeds.

We congratulate the pilots on their great flights! 

Daily ranking OLC 2018 – Worldwide 11.12.2017


Dennis Tito makes the flight of the day

Dennis Tito flies his first distances with his new Arcus (approved as experimental in the USA) in the Argentine Andes, and impresses with 1919 km right away. We are curious to see what other flights he will show during his stay in Argentina!

Daily ranking OLC 2018 - Worldwide 12.11.2017