FES flies again

After our initial notification regarding problems that occurred with the FES batteries from our competitors, we promised to inform you about any further developments. We regret having waited so long to publish this information, but we wanted to make absolutely sure that all of our proposals were officially accepted by the aviation authorities.

Yesterday, we received the EASA change approval number 100634863 and our FES equipped aircraft will be able to fly without restrictions after performing the required changes. We would like to thank everyone involved for the wonderful teamwork in solving this issue, including the investigation authority in Great Britain, the LBA and EASA, as well as our supplier Luka Žnidaršič of LZ Design and our in house engineering team.

The main changes include the installation of improved batteries as well as a redundant, independent, fire warning system, a new firmware for the FES controller unit and revised manual pages involving use of the FES system. The changes will improve protection of the batteries from external and internal damage, and the pilot will receive quicker and better information in order to be better prepared to react appropriately in the unlikely event of an over heating battery.

Aircraft that are still here in the factory will under go these changes during production and will be appropriately licensed at delivery. For aircraft that have already been delivered, we will be publishing a TM with clear instructions for performing the necessary changes.

We are very happy about this news. We, as well as our customers, are still very excited about the simplicity and sophistication of the OSTIV award winning FES-propulsion system and its ability to melt the boundaries between gliding and powered flight, allowing for a whole new level of flight experience. The comfort, flexibility, and thereby safety, that the easy use of the FES system provides will be of definite advantage to clubs and flight schools around the world.