In Italy, impressive flights were still possible this late summer.

As notified by Aldo Cernezzi (CSVVA supervisor of the historical archive of Italian performance flights), were in august 2017, for the first time ever in the 18m class on the Apennine mountains, flights over 1000km performed.

On august the 15th and august the 17th, four flights over 1000km were performed by three Italian pilots of the gliding club in Pavullo, all three of them flying the Schempp-Hirth glider Ventus-2cxT: Paolo Guardigli (17th august), Romeo Monti (15th august) and Paolo Ruggeri (15th and 17th august).

Aldo Cernezzi confirms that these are the first flights over 1000km on the Apennine mountains with 18m class gliders.

We congratulate with all of them for this achievement!

Ci congratuliamo sentitamente con tutti e tre per il raggiungimento di questo traguardo!