Type Certifacte for the Discus-2cFES has been granted

A few days ago we could rise our glasses on a toast to the youngest child in our Discus family – a great occasion!


In no time the electric drive “FES” (Front Electric Sustainer), produced by LZ Design, has gained stupendous popularity among glider pilots all over the world. Reliability, low noise emissions, little effort in maintenance and unsurpassed safety reserves when starting the system in flight are probably the most convincing arguments for recreational pilots and clubs. For clubs, this new motorization gives an innovative possibility to renew their aircraft park and allow even rather untrained pilots to have relaxed and secure flight times. The popularity of the FES drive among performance pilots proofs that the arguments which are decisive for many club pilots apply for the cross-country flight scene just the same.

We would like to thank all of the involved Schempp-Hirth employees, external employees and, of course, the LBA and EASA teams.