We congratulate the new World Champions and Podium Winners of the 18m Class, 20m Two-Seater Class and Open Class!

At remarkable, phantastic weather conditions the 2018 Hosín World Championships provided the stage for a first match of top pilots on the new Ventus flying against top pilots on the JS3. 

After 12 high-speed races with a dramatic final day, Wolfgang Janowitsch (AT) won the top position before Mario Kiessling (DE), both in a Ventus, with Jean-Denis Barrois (FR) on a JS3. Other Ventus positions followed with Peter Milenar (NL) on rank 4, Roman Mracek (CZ) on rank 6 and Tomas Suchanek (CZ) on ranks 7.

The 20m Two Seater Class was once again clearly dominated by the Duo Sebastian Kawa/Kapowski, followed by our British representative Steve Jones and his co-pilot Garry Coppin on second and the Finish team Antti Lehto and Juha Sorri on third place, both on Arcus T. The following 5 ranks were also won in an Arcus.

Nearly from the start, the Open Class was lead by the German pilots Michael Sommer and Felipe Levin on ranks 1 and 2 and with Petr Tichy (CZ) a third EB29 ended up on the podium.

Congratulations once again to all pilots and teams and a big thank you to the Hosín Organizers for celebrating outstanding championships!