Qualification for German 18m nationals 2019, Hockenheim May 2018, interview with Holger Karow by Bernd Weber (SHK)

SHK:First of all, we would like to congratulate you about your 3rd place during the qualifying competition in Hockenheim. Are you satisfied with your result?

Absolutely - that was the first competition I flew with the Ventus selflauncher. Based on the fact that I have never flown the plane before, it worked pretty well and quick. The Ventus M gives you a sure feeling in the air.


SHK:But it was not enough for first place?

(smiling) Alright, Michael and Tobias just took a higher risk than me and were rewarded. That's our sport - but it was nothing related to the plane.


SHK:What are your impressions about the new Ventus-M?

Definitely the incredibly agile and pleasantly balanced handling with 600 kg take-off mass. I always had the feeling I could take another 100 liters water more ! But one real important thing to keep in mind is about management of CofG for pilots who are looking for the best of this glider, as it took me a while to get it properly done for this competition. But after that, you really do not have to worry about the amount of ballast before taking off. The thermalling performance with maximum weight is also very impressive. Perhaps the natural stability of the glider in circles does help, as you can manage very precisely the attitude with little corrections on the controls.


SHK:And what is your impression about the new engine system with injection?

The engine system is impressive! Easy to use and powerful. I knew so far only the Arcus M had such a power reserve for taking off. There were a few minor software bugs when using the new LiFePo4 batteries with the generator but that is being rectified now I was told.


SHK:And what can you say about the new cockpit?

The front hinged canopy, the noble and functional design and the space are great. The integrated bug wipers system is also a no-brainer to get all of the glider’s performance and it works very well. The fact that even with this such powerful engine you managed to use such a slim hull is very impressive. I find comfort and sportiness extremely well balanced with this aircraft.


SHK:Thank you for that, our team can be proud about that statement. What is your conclusion?
Holger:Spot on glider definitely! There are some minors default but nothing to worry about in real life. I feel really comfortable in the glider and it gives you a very clear picture of the thermals without training. The glide is great and the final glide rush made me a lot of fun. I would say that the plane is on the top in all areas and has everything to win. The new Ventus will make his way. For me it was a great week in Hockenheim and thanks again for the plane SHK Team!