After several days of nervous weather observation, conditions eventually allowed us to maiden-fly two prototypes: The eagerly-awaited, self-launch capable Performance Edition of the new Ventus (Ventus-3M) and the innovative Front Electric Sustainer (FES) equipped Ventus Sport Edition (Ventus-3F).

After Andy Lutz' first flight by aero-tow to test the engine system in flight, Schempp-Hirth CEO Tilo Holighaus took the glider to its first self-launch and impressed the audience with the short take-off distance and the great climb rate.

Besides the awesome engine performance, Tilo was also impressed by the comfort offered by the brand-new cockpit and the glider's flight characteristics, which he described as identical to those of the Ventus Sport Edition, triple-winner of this year's FAI European Championships in the 18m Class.

All the excitement about the self-launch capable Ventus nearly shadowed another important maiden flight: Joachim Krauter took the Ventus-3F to its first flight and reported no significant issues. This news is eagerly awaited by many customers waiting for their own new Ventus with FES system, above all the new owner of "57", Margherita "Margot" Acquaderni.

We would like to thank all our customers, friends and fans for their loyalty and wish all you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!