The EGC in Poland ended a week ago, last Friday the German Standard and Club Class Nationals finished and Saturday marked the end of Hahnweide Competition. Congratulations to the winners!


EGC in Turbia, PL, finished a week ago and was won by Polish pilots in all three classes - respect! congratulations to 18m Class winners Sebastian Kawa (1st) and Karol Staryszak (2nd) - and special congratulations to Wolfgang Janowitsch, who managed to climb up 5 ranks from rank 8 to 3rd on the last day on his Ventus!

In the 20m Two Seater Class, Gold was won by Polish team Rubaj & Matkowski, followed by Jones & Coppin (GB) and Gmelin & Grote (DE), both on Arcus T.

For details, please check here: https://www.soaringspot.com/en_gb/egc019/results

German Nationals for Standard and Club Class in Zwickau finished last Friday and we would like to extend special congratulations to Standard Class winner Jan Omsels, who's Discus-2a needed to be fixed by our Service Department after an outlanding damage the weekend before the Nationals. Glad the overtime of our team paid off! 2nd place goes to Enrique Levin, also on Discus-2a. Stefan Langer, known to many by his excellent Youtube channel, won Club Class on a Standard Cirrus. Well done!

All results are ca be found here: www.strepla.de/scs/public/overview.aspx

Last but not least, Saturday marked the end of the 53rd Hahnweide Competition, showcasing a field of around 100 pilots from all over the World, many of them leading competition pilots.

18m Class was won by Reinhard Schramme, followed by Mario Kiessling, both on their Ventus-3. 20m Two-Seater Class was won by Norbert Sommer, followed by Martin Theisinger and Sebastian Beule, all three on Arcus M. Matthew Scutter from Australia managed to lead Standard Class from day one and won 4 of 5 days on his Discus-2ax - respect and congratulations!

All results of Hahnweide competition can be found here: dev.soaringspot.com/de/53-hww/results

[Unfortunately, we don't have any images from the EGC price giving or Hahnweide]