In 1926, after an education in business, Martin Schempp, born in 1905, immigrated to the USA where he worked as a metallurgist. Charles Lindbergh’s presentation about his first transatlantic flight filled Martin Schempp with enthusiasm, so much so that in 1928, when he returned to Germany, he applied himself to aviation. He started working as a trainee at the Raab-Katzenstein aircraft factory where he got into close contact with many pilots. He soon met Wolf Hirth who encouraged him to get his PPL at the Hans Klemm Flying School in Boeblingen.

In 1930, together with Gus Haller, he decided to go back to the USA to establish a flying school and build German glider types. In addition to building gliders at the newly founded "Haller-Hirth-Sailplane-Corporation", Martin Schempp was also involved in all aspects of the young American gliding movement and therefore made a great contribution to the development of sports aviation in the USA.