Sailplane and Sky

Schempp-Hirth has a long tradition in building high-performance gliders with built-in engine. As early as 1935 Wolf Hirth published his idea of a glider with retractable engine in the magazine "Flugsport", particularly as a means to enable gliding safaris. His glider MoSe Hi-20 with "disappearing engine", that he built together with Wolfgang Hütter, was probably the first glider with a retractable engine.

By now, Schempp-Hirth offers all currently available models with at least one engine option, providing the base for otherwise unachievable flights.

Turbo Sustainer System

Simple to use and preventing mis-operation, fuss-free design, minimizal additional weight and low maintenance - Schempp-Hirth's Turbo sustainer system has been well established in the market for more than 20 years and has found many friends. 

Self-launching (2-stroke engine)

With a self-launching engine options, Schempp-Hirth sailplanes become independent. Take off, when you want - with simplest operation and high performance.

Self-launching (electric engine)

Silent, powerful, emission free - while being independent and comfortable.

Our self-launch capable, innovative, environmental-friendly and silent electric engine system has been designed by Lange Aviation in Zweibrücken, the leading designer of electric engine systems for gliders.

FES - Front Electric Sustainer

With the proven electric sustainer system FES (Front Electric Sustainer), designed and built by LZ Design, we can now offer an innovative, environment-friendly sustainer system that is very different from all other systems: The foldable propeller is located at the tip of the fuselage, the blades fold tightly onto the fuselage when not in use. 

The reliable and lighting-fast starting and stopping of the engine with any noticeable additional drag allows to spontaneously use the electrical engine, which opens completely new perspectives. The powered flight is perceived in a very new way and can be enjoyed by puristic glider pilots.


Jet Engine

The Jet Engine provides, a small, handy sustainer engine system that is easy to operate, quick to start, yet small and light