Let The Jet Engine Take You Home.

Schempp-Hirth's jet engine (System Käppeler) is a small, handy sustainer engine system that is easy to operate, yet small and light. The system has been specifically designed for the Ventus-2cxa and is only available for this glider type.

With the Jet sustainer engine, Schempp-Hirth offer another save way to return home  besides the Turbo sustainer system (developed by Prof. Oehler) - and one that matches the specific requirements of a competition pilot.

Small & Light.

The incremental weight of the jet engine motorization is only a few kilogramms. Because of the compact method of construction of the Käppeler system in combination with the jet engine PSR-T01 it is possible to install the engine system and the corresponding fuselage tank into a Ventus-2cxa. In this minimal configuration, the engine range is still sufficient to reach a near-by airfield in powered flight. If your don’t need any further range, you will get an engine system with an unbeatably small weight, but optional wing fuel tanks can increase the maximum range.

Fuel and Power Requirements.

The jet engine requires a mixture of kerosine (JET A1) and a special oil. The electrical power for the jet engine is provided by a separated battery with its own circuit.

Easy Operation.

Jet engine operation is very simple thanks to the mostly automated JET Engine Control Unit that prevents operator errors: The extension and start of the jet engine, which was tested up to a speed of 100km/h, is triggered by a single switch; engine performance is controlled by a knob. The JET Engine Control Unit is monitoring all important engine parameters and prevents overrevving the engine.


Models with Jet Engine:

Avoid landing out - but consequently small and light: The power of a small, retractable jet engine provides also the Ventus-2cxa with an efficient sustainer engine system.