Pilots with a handicap that require a glider to be equipped with manual rudder control if they want to be the pilot in command can chose between single-seaters and a two-seater glider. 

The manual rudder control is operated by an additional lever positioned at the left cockpit side panel. As the  rudder pedals are of course still available, this allows e.g. gliding clubs to provide handicapped club members with the option to fly high-performance, modern sailplanes.

In 2012, Adam Czeladzki ended up on rank one in the South African OLC score on his Discus-2cT with manual rudder control and has given a good demonstration of top performance reachable by handicapped pilots. Adam is handicapped since a landing accident - more background information can be found in this artikel in Soarging Cafe.

Share your Gliding Experience - Handicapped or Not

The manual rudder control option available for the Duo Discus XL and Duo Discus XLT, in addition to the regular rudder pedals,  provides a manual option for rudder control for both front and back seats.

This allows handicapped pilots that require manual rudder control not only to fly as a guest, but as the pilot in charge. It also gives handicapped people the chance to learn to fly a glider - and allows handicapped pilots to work as gliding instructor.


From the Wheel Chair into the Glider.

The manual rudder control option for the Discus-2cT enables handicapped pilots to participate in gliding sports in a single-seater.

The wide performance scope of the Discus-2cT thus opens competition gliding also for handicapped pilots, allowing them to compete in the OLC or even participate in national or international championships. With the standard rudder control by pedals still available, this option makes the Discus-2cT also the ideal single-seater for gliding clubs with handicapped members.