Look forward to a flight experience like you have never felt before. Effortlessly call on incredible performance. Honest, direct feedback provides you with a reassuring sense of reliability. Combine this with unrivalled agility and become one with the glider to uncover hidden potential.

Performance benchmarks in the Two-Seater Class have been re-defined by the Arcus. Whether clubs are aiming to achieve OLC top positions or privat pilots plan record flights, competition results or interesting safari flights - the Arcus provides the ideal means to put these ideas into practice. The joint flight experience will double your pleasure and success. 

To fly the probably best two-seater glider that has yet been designed doesn't mean that you have to forgo plannable and safe long distance flights. At minimal additional weight, the turbo engine option turns an Arcus into an Arcus T. Should you run out or lift, you can always rely on the turbo engine - as not every glider pilot needs the adventure of a nightly retrieval by trailer. 

Even though designed for self-launch capabilities without compromises, the Arcus is still an extremely agile two-seater with very balanced flight characteristics. The motorglider’s performance spectrum reaches from ambitious cross-country flights to unbelievable record flights and regularly puts the self-launching Arcus into top positions in competitions and championships. 

Thanks to the electric engine system proven in Lange Aviation's Antares series, the Arcus E flies silently, with little vibration and no exhaust fumes and with remarkable take-off performance. The almost legendary Arcus handling combined with the super-simple and reliable engine control makes the Arcus E probably the most advanced glider of its class.

The long tradition of the Discus as the leading Standard Class glider has been taken over and deepened by the Discus-2. While continuously reaching top positions at World Championships, European Championships and Nationals, its pleasant handling has also made it popular as an all-round glider.

The Front Electric Sustainer (FES) electrical engine now also provides the Discus-2c with an environment-friendly, silent and intuitive to use insurance agains unwanted outlandings. Starting immediately and almost impossible to operate wrongly, this system - in combination with the Discus-2c's perfect control balance and well-known harmonic flight characteristics - provides the ideal solution for both ambitious competitive pilots and day-to-day usage in a gliding club.

This 18m glider combines agile and harmless flight characteristics with gliding performance reserved to open class gliders only a few years ago. Thanks to the perfect control balance and the harmonic gliding characteristics, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed the first moment you'll fly a Discus-2c. The glider of choice for routined competition pilots, the outstanding everyday glider for ambitious performance pilots or the demanded single-seater in a gliding club.

The combination of the versatility of using a Discus-2cT and the easy usage of its engine  make it the ideal piece of sports equipment for competitions or ambitious cross-country flights, the perfect companion for soaring safaris - or simply the robust favorite glider of any gliding club.

Easy to fly, comfortable, handy, agile - with outstanding performance: The Duo-Discus XL is the perfect device for enjoying flights together, whether in syndicates, in the family or in daily gliding club operation.

The Duo-Discus XL is the perfect device for enjoying flights together, whether in syndicates, in the family or in daily gliding club operation. And with its proven Turbo sustainer system, outlandings become a story of the past.

The Ventus-2ax and Ventus-2bx are very light gliders. With their modern carbon-fibre wings, their multi-stage swep-back leading edge and (removable) winglets and the further refined wing airfoil (13.1% chord), they have been designed as optimized FAI-15m-Class racing machines without compromises.

This snappy and agile racing machine has been rigorously adapted to the demands and requirements of ambitious competition pilots. Thanks to the optionally available short 15m outer wings, flying in the FAI 15m class does not require any compromises. 

The Ventus 2cxa is not only for competition pilots, but for any pilot who loves consequently optimized technology and maximized technical potential.

Avoid landing out - but consequently small and light: The power of a small, retractable jet engine provides also the Ventus-2cxa with an efficient sustainer engine system.

Besides the jet-based sustainer engine, the Ventus-2cxa can now also be ordered with the innovative, silent and environment-friendly Front Electric Sustainer system. This system has the electric engine and the foldable propeller installed in the nose of the fuselage, while the two 16kg batteries are safely stored in a compartment in the fuselage behind the wings.

Combining top performance with most pleasant flight characteristics, the Ventus-2cx provides the base for unforgettable gliding experiences. To fly it is simple and safe, it climbs above average even at high wing loads and can is easy to handle both in the air and on the ground. Not without reason, the Ventus-2cx can always be found in top OLC positions and is top of its class when flying in high mountains.

Handling and agility of the Ventus-2cxT have set standards; top positions at championships and the OLC prove its performance. The turbo sustainer system, proven for decades, adds the assurance that the risk of landing out and the burden of long retrieval tours are a story of the past.

The combination of the versatility of using a Ventus-2cxT and the easy usage of its engine make it the ideal piece of sports equipment for competitions or ambitious cross-country flights, the perfect companion for soaring safaris - or simply the robust favorite glider of any gliding club.

If you are a sporty pilot and you are looking for a self-launching glider that is handy and agile, has a sophisticated and proven engine system that you can hardly notice when gliding, there are few alternatives to the Ventus-2cxM in its class. The automated engine control ensure safe handling and foolproof operation, but does not take control and influence out of the pilots hands.

The handy 23m wingspan makes maneuvering on the ground easy, and even more so once in the air. A very slim wing with high aspect ratio and up to 250 liters of water ballast ensure wing loads between 39 and 59 kg/m² make this glider extremely flexible, further enhanced by the independence provided by the powerful and easy to operate engine system that allows the Quintus to take-off wherever needed.

The handiness of the 23m wingspan makes for easy maneuvering on the ground, but especially in the air.