The Glider

Performance benchmarks in the Two-Seater Class have been re-defined by the Arcus. Whether clubs are aiming to achieve OLC top positions or privat pilots plan record flights, competition results or interesting safari flights - the Arcus provides the ideal means to put these ideas into practice. The joint flight experience will double your pleasure and success. 

With Sustainer Engine

To fly the probably best two-seater glider that has yet been designed doesn't mean that you have to forgo plannable and safe long distance flights. At minimal additional weight, the turbo engine option turns an Arcus into an Arcus T. Should you run out or lift, you can always rely on the turbo engine - as not every glider pilot needs the adventure of a nightly retrieval by trailer. 

Even though designed for self-launch capabilities without compromises, the Arcus is still an extremely agile two-seater with very balanced flight characteristics. The motorglider’s performance spectrum reaches from ambitious cross-country flights to unbelievable record flights and regularly puts the self-launching Arcus into top positions in competitions and championships.