Sailplane and Sky

Just a few weeks after Sandi Kavalic and Bostjan Rudolf from the Postojna Aeroclub proved that the Bora wave can enable long-distance flights with a 600-kilometre return flight in the Bora wave along the Slovenian and Croatian Adriatic coast, Bernard Dobre and Luka Žnidaršič at January 13th 2022 simply doubled the distance with the same aircraft.

While Sandi Kavalic and Bostjan Rudolf flew their 600-kilometre route around a single turning point in the south in December, Bernard Dobre and FES inventor Luka Žnidaršič flew a similar route twice in almost identical weather conditions. They covered the 1300 kilometres with the prototype of the Duo-FES in 8:44 hours with an average of just under 150 km/h. The Bora wind blew the entire distance in the same direction. At the same time, the Bora wind was blowing from the northeast at almost 80 km/h, ideal for the formation of the wave of the same name along the eastern Adriatic coast. If you want to have a closer look at this sensational flight, just click here: WeGlide | 1.301 km · Bernard Dobre · Postojna 13.01.2022