Sailplane and Sky

The aim of this website's new support section is to improve the support of thousands of Schempp-Hirth aircraft ownsers around the world. Please check this section regularly or become a friend of Schempp-Hirth's facebook page to be informed about new services offered here. We have only just begun.

Registration required

To avoid abuse, simplify usage and tailor support to owners' needs, we have decided to require a registration of users. Of course, registration is free - here you can find help about how to register and login.

Besides providing us with your contact details, your profile now gives you the opportunity to register type and serial number of the glider(s) you own. Users' permission provided, this will allow us to contact owners of specific aircrafts directly and provide them with updates about their glider, including technical news, warnings, maintenance tips or, in some cases, retrofit or upgrade options that came up.

What are my advantages as owner?

Already now we have extended the support area compared to our former website - you may have noticed the new FAQ section. We intend to extend and individualize the offered online support services.

By providing us with your contact details and owned glider(s), you allow us to pro-actively contact you as aircraft owner and inform you about a new TN or AD. Until now, this was only possible by means of using the authorities and even this did not always reach aircraft owners, in particular abroad. Many owners would only find out about new TNs or ADs by regularly checking our website for updates of the TN/AD section. In the near future, automatic updates will be provided to registered owners.

If you want to use our online form to order spare parts while being logged into the system, your contact details will be pre-entered into the order form, which saves you time and effort when ordering. We plan to implement an online shop for even more comfort and will implement it in a way to use your existing user profile, so you will be able to use it as soon as it is launched.

Is my personal data secure?

Of course, we will not contact you without your authorization to do so. All stores personal data will be handled according to the strict German data protection laws, will be stored in a secure way and will not be passed to any third party. You can can find all details in our data protection regulations