Sailplane and Sky

The 400th Arcus was delivered!

On April 7, 2009, the Arcus took its maiden flight at Hahnweide, and on December 4, 2023, another milestone was reached: the 400th unit was delivered!

To celebrate this achievement, all employees gathered with the customer in the final assembly. A small reception ensued, filled with conversation and admiration, as it was almost unbelievable that 400 units had been built just 14 years after the maiden flight.

CEO Tilo Holighaus and COO Sascha Costabel hold speeches during the ceremony. Tilo told something about the history of the Arcus and its famous reputation in the gliding world. He also wished the new owners all the best. Sascha talked about the employees and their great work and revealed, that he for himself also enjoys flying his Arcus very much.

Once again, a big thank you to all employees who diligently work on every aircraft, fulfilling the dreams of many glider pilots!

We wish the new owner of the 400th Arcus much joy and always happy landings.


To 400 more Arcus!