Sailplane and Sky

Last Saturday, the 10th FAI Women's World Gliding Championship in Lake Keepit ended after flying 9 tasks. Congratulations to the Winners!

Congratulations to Sarah Kelly Arnold (USA), new World Women Champion in Standard Class in Lake Keepit (Australia) for winning on the mighty Discus-2b, followed by double World Champion Aude Grangeray (France) Silver Medal on Discus-2a and Ayala Truelove (GB) on LS8.

A special congrats to Aude Untersee (France) who made an airspace on day1 and would have been very close to the top position, we know deeply how it hurts.

Congratulations also to Elena Fergnani (Italy), new World Champion in Club Class on the legendary Discus-a!!! Followed by Christine Grote (Germany) and Celine Rault (France) both on LS4. 18m Class Championship podium is a full JS3 so congratulation to the French pilots with Melanie Gadoulet new World Women Champion followed by her team partner Anne Ducarouge, and Kathrin Senne (Germany) completing the podium!

Finally Team Cup is won by French Team followed by Team Great Britain and Team Italy!

Congrats to all staff members, followers, sponsors, volunteers who made this sport adventure in Australia possible for the organisers and for the teams around the world! We wish all the pilots and crews a good trip back home and a nice journey to all the gliders in containers.

Pictures credits : pilots and teams, Peak Pictures, IGC organisers