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From now on we offer retrofits for a few selected glider-types. Find out more about what we retrofit and for what type in this article.

New Year, new retrofit solutions available!


Sustainability is not just a word at Schempp-Hirth company and our team tries it best to ensure that our gliders, even if produced way more than 50 years ago, can still be airworthy. This is a commitment which is not just “that easy”.

But our team wants to go further and offer the up to date features we can integrate on our modern gliders to already produced gliders. This will help our gliders to be an even more sustainable product in the future, and ensure our beloved glider types do not become the ones staying in the hangar as “last poor choice” for the pilots.

And, good news, our “SH Retrofit Lab” has worked hard these last months to offer some nice features for many popular glider types. To better fit to our modern sport, for more safety, for more fun. Santa Claus must have helped a bit, or perhaps we pushed them hard, who knows?


What you can retrofit and who to contact for that you find in the following article.



For all “original” Arcus, we now offer the possibility to retrofit to “Arcus20” new aerodynamic features with winglets and stabilizer. Just book an appointment with our Service and Maintenance facility in Nabern and contact Dirk Ströbl for more information.



A long-awaited retrofit option and perfect for clubs: upgrade your Discus-2c to a Discus-2c FES! Available for all Discus-2c, Discus-2cT and Discus-2c(T) (prepared for Turbo) variants.

Good point for this FES retrofit is that you will not miss any centimeter in cockpit on Discus-2c with this new integration of E-motor in the nose cone. The Discus-2c FES stays equally roomy as any other Discus-2c.

The retrofit is possible from early 2024 on. For more information contact Mia Knoop from the Sales team.



Another FES-retrofit is possible for every Ventus-2cxa! We already made some!

To find out more about the retrofitting, contact Mia Knoop from the Sales Team.


Ventus-3 Sport Edition

With the new variant e-selflauncher “Ventus-3E” just being unveiled, a new retrofit is now coming for existing Ventus-3T and Ventus-3S/Ventus-3(T)S. Be prepared to self-launch in your Sport Edition cockpit!

The retrofit is expected to come for the end of 2024, Mia Knoop from the Sales Team has more information about it.


Duo Discus

We expect to start production of Duo Discus FES at the end of 2024 and our team is working in parallel for a solution of retrofit from old Duo Discus to Duo Discus FES. To date we have no official offer to make for this retrofit but we are optimistic we can come back to you in few months with a proper technical solution for this upgrade. To date also, it seems that only Duo Discus with carbon fibre wings would be potentially elligible to this upgrade. To be confirmed soon, stay tuned.

Please contact Mia Knoop from the Sales Team for more information and early booking.


Happy New Year from the SH Team!