It's championship peak season for Europe and North-America, and our pilots all around the world made it very well!


We will most likely miss one or two results of this first part of the summer and in advance we apologize for that, but nevertheless, we congratulate:

- Matt Cook (UK), winner of 20m class British nationals with Duo-Discus xLT

- Derren Francis (UK), 3rd of 18m class British nationals (what a list of the pilots engaged there !!!) with Ventus-3

- Dave Springford (CAN), winner of 15m US nationals, our representative in Canada, with his Asg29 ... but he's waiting for his Ventus-3, so it does count no ? ;-)

- Margot Acquaderni (ITA), 3rd of 18m french nationals with Ventus-3 FES

- Markus Geisen and Michael Pfennig (GER), winners of 20m german nationals with Arcus M

- Börje Eriksson (SWE), with his Ventus-3, winner of the 18m pre-world class in Stendal

- Jan Omsels (GER), 3rd place in the just finished 15m class European Championship with Ventus-3.

The upcoming championships are now mainly national championships, but the Pan-American championship will very soon start in Canada with US, Canadian and Argentinian pilots. Another great adventure in the sky and a lot of fun for everyone.

Special thanks to all the volunteers involved in these championships around the world!