Sailplane and Sky

Congratulations to Wolfgang Janowitsch for winning the 19th European Championships at Lasham, UK, in the 18m Class, with Mike Young finishing 2nd and Bert Schmelzer 3rd, all on the new Ventus. Thanks to our production team for finish Bert's glider just in time for the competition!

Further congratulations to Freddy Hein for winning the 15m Class on his Ventus-2ax, followed by Tim Scott (2nd) and Gary Stingemore (3rd), both on ASG 29. We're also proud to find six Ventus-2 within the top 10 positions!

Final congratulations to the winners in Open Class, which are Michael Sommer (1st, EB 29 R), Peter Harvey (2nd) and Russell Cheetham (3rd).