Sailplane and Sky

In aviation circles - and certainly beyond - this book, which will be launched in mid-January 2022, will be a talking point: "Wagon XX - five minutes".

In it, Brigitte Holighaus, senior manager of Schempp-Hirth, describes her life alongside her husband Klaus. Klaus died tragically in 1994 at the age of 54 on the Rheinwaldhorn in Switzerland. He had designed famous gliders, such as the "Cirrus" or the "Nimbus", and was successful as an entrepreneur and sportsman.

The book contains many previously unpublished photos from Brigitte Holighaus' private archive and a series of articles written by Klaus Holighaus during his lifetime.


Author: Brigitte Holighaus

Hardcover: 236 x 294 cm

224 Pages and more than 300 Pictures

Available form mid January 2022


ISBN 978-3-941453-39-5

EUR 48,00

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