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How can I edit my user profile or change my password?

After you have successfully logged into the system, use the menu item My Schempp-Hirth -› My Account to change your profile or password.

In case you forgot your password use the ‹Forgot password?› function in the login form.

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Login via Google, Facebook or Twitter

We used to let you login to our website with your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. As we have reason to doubt data protection at some of those service providers, we have decided to no longer offer this login mechanism.

Your account and your data stored with us it not lost, however: Please follow these 3 steps to continue using your user account:

  1. Click ‹Forgot your password?› above.
  2. Enter your E-Mail address.
  3. You will receive a special link via E-Mail allowing you to set your password. You will be able to log in to the Schempp-Hirth website with this password.