Sailplane and Sky

We are proud: this week we had the pleasure to hand over the 100th Ventus-3 to its new owner.

Holger Scholz is happy. This glider was worth the long waiting time!
With his Ventus-3M he now owns a glider that combines top performance and wonderfully intuitive handling with the comfort of the enlarged Performance- cockpit and the independence of the self-launcher.
A great and very popular combination!

A very big thanks goes to Holger and the 99 other pilots for their trust in us and our glider. We wish everyone breathtaking, unforgettable, successful and above all safe flights!

For those who don't have the patience

and long to take off with their new Ventus as soon as possible: think about whether you really want and need the total autonomy and the extra space in the cockpit. You could get the Ventus-3 Sport Edition (pure sailplane / Turbo / FES) in the 2022 season!