Sailplane and Sky

A week before Christmas, Sandi Kavalic and Bostjan Rudolf of the Postojna Aeroclub completed a 600-kilometer destination return flight in the Bora wave along the Slovenian and Croatian Adriatic coasts. Without the safety provided by the FES system, such an undertaking would probably be unthinkable.

On December 18 of this year, after more than ten years of dreaming and planning, the two Slovenian pilots took off in Postojna with the Duo Discus FES into the Bora wave. 140 km/h wind in 6000 meters, blowing from eastern directions, made this flight along the Adriatic coast possible. In the end, the flight covered just over 600 kilometers at an average speed of 115 km/h - but above all, it offered breathtaking views of the wintry Adriatic coast.

The prototype of the Duo Discus FES flown during this flight is the latest project from Schempp-Hirth with the propulsion and battery concept initially adopted one-to-one from the Discus-2c FES.  With this aircraft, practical experience with the FES in a heavy two-seater has already been gathered since spring 2021.

The next step is to build the next prototype with the FES propulsion/battery system adapted for the two-seater, then with increased battery capacity. We will then continue flight testing with this version.