Sailplane and Sky

Simon Briel from Allendorf in Hesse is certainly considered one of the best juniors in Europe after winning the European Junior Championships in Pociunai, Lithuania, and his German championship title in the Standard class - flown at Burg Feuerstein in August. Simon flies a Discus-2a.

Simon Briel has been part of the current national junior team since his second place at the 2014 German Junior Championships in Zwickau. At the 2019 World Championships in Szeged/Hungary, he was able to climb onto the podium for the first time at an international event with second place, and after no competitions could be held last year due to corona, he was allowed to compete this year at both the European Junior Championships in Lithuania and the German Junior Gliding Championships at Burg Feuerstein. He won both competitions with his Discus-2a.

He told Moritz Althaus from WeGlide in an interview how he is doing with his Discus, who asked: "Before you switched to the Discus 2a, you were also quite successful with the LS 8. Did you ever regret the decision to switch to the Discus?"

Simon Briel: "In my opinion, I made the right decision. I flew the LS 8 from LSV Ederbergland at that time and was allowed to fly several competitions with it every year. That was a great time and I also shipped the plane to Australia at the time for the 2015 World Championships.

But I don't regret the change. I am totally happy with my Discus-2a. I struggled at the beginning, but anyone who has flown a Discus knows what I'm talking about. After the first season in 2018, I was fully convinced that I bought the right glider."

By the way, you can read the whole interview with Simon Briel here...