Sailplane and Sky

All Duo Discus T and Arcus T are affected. In addition, Nimbus-4DT from Serial-No. 10 are also affected.

This summer, the propeller axle of an Arcus T in Switzerland broke during the starting process of the engine and the propeller detached completely from the engine.
The Solo 2350D engine had 72 operating hours at the time.
The incident is being investigated by the Swiss Safety Investigation Authority (SUST).  A preliminary investigation report is now available (not for publication).
Corrective actions are currently being developed by Solo in cooperation with the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) and EASA.
We therefore recommend for all affected types and series with the Solo 2350D engine, where the propeller shaft has an operating time of 30 engine running hours or more, not to operate the engine until further notice.