Get Home Electrically.

Thanks to the perfect control balance and the harmonic gliding characteristics, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed the first moment you'll fly a Discus-2c. With the proven electrical FES (Front Electric Sustainer) system built by LZ Design, the Discus-2c now also has an option for an innovative, environment-friendly sustainer system that is very different from all former systems.

The reliable and lighting-fast starting and stopping of the engine with any noticeable additional drag allows to spontaneously use the electrical engine, which opens completely new perspectives. The powered flight is perceived in a very new way and can be enjoyed by puristic glider pilots.

With 18 meters wing span and more than one additional meter of wing area compared to the Standard Class version, the Discus-2c can be flown at very low wing loads and above-average climbing performance, despite the slightly higher empty weight due to the FES system.

Simple and easy - and thus safe.

Operation is extremely simple: Just toggle a switch and adjust the engine power with a rotary switch. This is all it take to gain height at almost no vibration and minimal engine noise. Operating mistakes are practically impossible and the pilot's attention remains available for other flight decisions.


In typical use, the pilot will switch to horizontal cruise mode for maximum endurance after a short climb that can be increased to a climb rate of 2 m/s when needed.

Switching off the engine, the propeller will automatically stop in the defined end position and the blades will fold onto the fuselage. The powered aeroplane has become a glider within seconds.

Clever Design.

The foldable propeller is located at the tip of the fuselage. The blades fold tightly onto the fuselage when not in use. Two 16 kg batteries are safely stowed in a compartment behind the wings in the fuselage, can be reached from above and easily taken out for charging.

Deliberately abandoning extraction and retraction of the engine saves complex components - and valuable time when engine help is needed.

The FES system allows climb rates of more than 2 m/s. Using it for horizontal cruise, the batteries support up to 45 minutes of engine time (at around 100 km/h), enough to escape weak thermal conditions or to fly home safely.

Technical Data

  metric imperial
Wing span 15 m 49.21 ft
Wing area 10.16 m² 109.36 ft²
Aspect ratio 22.2 22.2
Fuselage length 6.78 m 22.24 ft
Empty mass (approx.) 330 kg 727 lb
Max. all-up mass 525 kg 1157 lb
Wing loading (approx.) 39.3 - 51.7 kg/m² 8.0 - 10.6 lb/ft²
Max. permitted speed 280 km/h 151 kts (174 mph)
  metric imperial
Wing span 18 m 59.06 ft
Wing area 11.36 m² 122.28 ft²
Aspect ratio 28.5 28.5
Fuselage length 6.78 m 22.24 ft
Empty mass (approx.) 340 kg 749 lb
Max. all-up mass 565 kg 1246 lb
Wing loading (approx.) 36.0 - 49.6 kg/m² 7.3 - 10.2 lb/ft²
Max. permitted speed 280 km/h 151 kts (174 mph)
  metric imperial
Engine Type FES-DIS-M100 FES-DIS-M100
Max. Power 22 kW / 30 PS 30 hp
Max. Torque 75 Nm 75 Nm
Weight approx. 8 kg 17.6 lb
Propeller 2-blade-propeller 2-blade-propeller
Battery Type Li-Po-Battery Li-Po-Battery
Charging time 150 min+ (1.6 kW) 150 min+ (1.6 kW)

Standard Equipment and Options

Wings and fuselage build from Carbon Fibre Composite
Maughmer Winglets
Safety cockpit built from Carbon/Kevlar composite   more…
Control gap seals, additional teflon sealing on ailerons and flaps optional / upgradeable
Tost-Penta wheel with hyraulic disc brake optional / upgradeable   more…

Installing the Tost Penta wheel allows a mass reduction of about 40% compared to the Classic version and thanks to the asymmetric splitting of the wheel, the tire mounting is very easy. The hydraulic brake calliper guarantees best brake power. 
The modification is classified as Limited Pilot Owner Maintenance according to M.A.803 and can be executed by the pilot/ owner.

Additional 15 m wingtips Maughmer winglets optional / upgradeable   more…

With little effort, these out wings convert the 18-meter sailplane into a fully-fledged 15-meter glider. 

Shock-absorbing retractable main undercarriage with drum bakes
Triple panel dive brakes
2 wingtip wheels instead of skids optional / upgradeable   more…

For single seaters, only compatible with 18m wing span. Especially for self-launching sailplanes, the wing tip wheels ease the starting.

Automatic control hook-ups
Air filled tail wheel (200x50) optional / upgradeable
Tail tank optional   more…

In case of top-heaviness, the tail tank can be filled with water to improve the flight quality. 

Additional C/G release hook optional / upgradeable
Canopy cover
Battery holder in the fin
Nose release
Oxygen cylinder mount optional / upgradeable   more…
Cockpit sides in spotted paint
Schroth oder Gadringer safety harnesses with rotary buckles
Additional ventilation air scoop in the side windows   more…
Combination pouch for aircraft books and main pin   more…
Set of 3 trim weights optional / upgradeable
Seat pan and cockpit floor visibly laminated in Carbon/Kevlar Composite
Adjustable seat back with integrated headrest   more…
Adjustable rudder pedals
Seat cushion with shock absorbing foam upgradeable   more…
Cockpit interior in leather optional / upgradeable
Cockpit sides upholstered and with pockets
Finish in T 35 (Vorgelat)
Registration number painted
Finish with Polyurethane Arcyl paint optional   more…

Avoids cracking due to low temperatures as well as yellowing of the surface

Competition letters as vinyl stickers optional / upgradeable
Competition letters painted optional / upgradeable
Layout for shading or special script optional / upgradeable   more…

Attention: Fluorierend paint is not permanently UV resistent and may fade over time

Anti-collision markings SHK design optional / upgradeable
Layout for special designs with masking optional / upgradeable   more…

Attention: Flourecend paint is not permanently UV resistent and may bleach out over time.

Installation preparation for transponder antenna type Dolba in the fin
TE probe ILEC, length 500mm optional / upgradeable   more…
Protection cover for probe receptacle with warning flag optional / upgradeable
Gear warning optional / upgradeable
Variometer/Cruise switch on control stick optional / upgradeable
Flarm antenna Dolba BD12 optional / upgradeable
Tail dolly optional / upgradeable   more…
Tow bar with tail lifting arm, system Cobra optional / upgradeable   more…
Wing wheel system Sifi optional / upgradeable
Tow bar, foldable optional / upgradeable   more…

Further Discus-2 models

This 18m glider combines agile and harmless flight characteristics with gliding performance reserved to open class gliders only a few years ago. Thanks to the perfect control balance and the harmonic gliding characteristics, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed the first moment you'll fly a Discus-2c. The glider of choice for routined competition pilots, the outstanding everyday glider for ambitious performance pilots or the demanded single-seater in a gliding club.

The combination of the versatility of using a Discus-2cT and the easy usage of its engine  make it the ideal piece of sports equipment for competitions or ambitious cross-country flights, the perfect companion for soaring safaris - or simply the robust favorite glider of any gliding club.