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This season in Europe is a bit special. After the usual nice and promising kick of March opening, came a very long rainy period in Central and West Europe which frustrated our pilots. National associations are wise and know it is worth it to wait until mid May to June to trigger the first national championships and select the best pilots for their national teams.


Suspense was tense but finally sun was shining from Denmark to France, England to Germany, not forgetting USA. Sometimes not the best shiny sky pilots are dreaming about, but still, good for competitions, and sometimes even “smoking” good!

We are, as usual, thankful to all the organizers, professionals and volunteers, who turn good events to great events. A lot of fun for pilots and families, great memories which will last for decades. New friendships and new champions!
Our duty as a manufacturer is to enable this potential by creating and building what is our concept of the best sailplanes. And we want to thank all the pilots who trust our philosophy and show it to its brightest, sometimes on the top of the podiums.


So congratulations to :

  • In Denmark:
    • Club class nationals: 3rd Felipe Cvitanich on Discus CS
    • 15m nationals: winner Poul Kim Larsen on Ventus-2cT and 3rd Morten Hugo Bennick on Ventus-2cT
    • Double seaters nationals: winners Jørgensen & Andersen on Arcus T
    • Standard class nationals: 2nd Thorsten Mauritsen on Discus-2T
    • 18m class nationals: 2nd Jan Hald on Ventus-3T
  • In UK:
    • 15m class nationals: winner Phil Jones on Ventus-3T, 2nd Neil McLaughlin on Ventus-2ax, 3rd Owen McCormack on Ventus-2a
  • In France:
    • 15m class nationals: winner Thomas Leduc on Ventus-2cxa
    • Double seaters nationals: winners Svobodny and Montigny on Arcus 20M, 2nd de Péchy and Bouderlique on Arcus M, 3rd Napoléon and Petit on Arcus 20T
  • In Belgium
    • 15m nationals: winner Daan Spruyt on Ventus-2ax, 3rd Bart Leysen on Ventus-2a
    •  Open nationals: winner Bert Schmelzer on Ventus-3T, 2nd Tijl Schmelzer on Ventus-3T, 3rd Dennis Huybreckx on Ventus-3T
  • In Switzerland:
    • Mixed class nationals: 2nd Käppeli and Reiner on Arcus T, 3rd Claudio Etterli on Discus-2b
  • In USA
    • Standard class nationals: winner Phil Gasidorf on Discus-2b, 2nd Gary Ittner on Discus-2a
    • Double seaters nationals: winners Striedieck and Arnold on Duo Discus x, 2nd Murphy and Hanke on Duo Discus, 3rd Weissenbuehler on Arcus M
    • 15m class nationals: winner Mike Sorenson on Ventus-2cxa
  • In Germany:
    • Germany 18m class nationals: winner Simon Schröder on Ventus-3T
    • Germany Double seater class nationals: 2nd Martin Theisinger on Arcus M, 3rd Andreas Hillebrand on Arcus M


Finally, we are particularly proud of our salesman Simon Schröder, who consistently prevailed against a strong field of participants at the German Championships in Bayreuth and brought home the win. The enthusiasm about the performance of the Ventus is still written all over his face and of course he passes this on to the customers.

Congratulations to all teams and organizers.

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