Sailplane and Sky

On February 20th of this year, the time has come: Schempp-Hirth delivers the 200th Ventus-3, and it goes to David Bauder, one of Germany's top pilots, German champion and member of the national gliding team.

The history of the Ventus begins at Schempp-Hirth in 1980, when the first Ventus makes its maiden flight. It is the successor to the Mini Nimbus, an aircraft of the first racing class generation, and wins several world championships in the 15-meter class in the following years. In 1994, the Ventus-2 made its maiden flight. A characteristic feature here is the multiple swept-back wing. The Ventus-2 is available with both 15 and 18 meter wingspans.

Seven years ago, on January 29, 2016, the first flight of the current Ventus-3 took place. Only seven years after the maiden flight, 200 units of the Ventus-3 in its different variants have been delivered, reason enough for a small celebration on the premises of Schempp-Hirth in Kirchheim-Teck, where David Bauder was presented with the anniversary Ventus. Three generations of sales at Schempp-Hirth were also present. In addition to the current account manager Bernd Weber also still present Hans-Georg "Biggo" Berger - for more than 40 years head of sales at Schempp-Hirth - as well as Simon Schröder, reigning world champion in the standard class, who will succeed Bernd Weber in sales this year and thus complements the team at Schempp-Hirth top-class.