Sailplane and Sky

Schempp-Hirth team would like to extend our deep felt thanks to Karin, Janell, Heinz and Monty of M&H Soaring USA for their genuine, big hearted friendship during the past 15 years of represented Schempp-Hirth as the US dealer.



It was an adventure we treasure, and a friendship that will continue.



The M&H team decided it was time to take a step back from the full throttle management of the US dealership - but no worries US pilots; we got you covered!

First; M&H Soaring and repair station will continue to assist when needed. Rest assure, we cherish the East Coast special relationship you have with Schempp-Hirth and you’ll still have the M&H team to bounce things off to!

Second; as of December 2019, the Schempp-Hirth US dealership is transferred to Garret Willat and his repair shop Yankee Composites, located in the well-known heart of Sky Sailing, CA.



So - drumroll - as of now, Garret Willat is taking over all discussions and questions about Schempp-Hirth sailplanes, spare parts and repairs, in close coordination & support of the M&H team and overall support of Schempp-Hirth, Germany.



We believe you all know Garret Willat in USA, notably for his competitions results, his involvement in SSA, and former writer for the Wings&Wheels newsletter full of tips to make sailplanes pilot a better life. He eventually waited more than 10000 flight hours to finally visit us. During his recent visit, where he had a bit (a lot) of fun with the Discus2c FES and the new Arcus-M, he made also more serious stuff: building direct human contacts with all the people involved here in the journey of making a glider, fixing it, or shipping spare parts.



Frankly, from the Schempp-Hirth point of view, we couldn’t be more happy with the east/west US coast team coverage and the smooth transition. Dream-team.



US Pilots rest assure - Schempp-Hirth will continue to be represented by people with knowledge of our gliders, eager to share the passion of our sport, world-wide, coast-to-coast, New York to LA, and with our support.



Again, we thank the M&H team for the many shared adventures. Our friendship continues.



We warmly welcome aboard Garret Willat and his Yankee Composites team as our new US Schempp-Hirth dealer.



USA Dealer info. 

Yankee Composites, Garret Willat, SkySailing

31930 Highway 79, Warner Springs, California 92086, USA


Cellphone: +1 (760) 533-4081

Phone: +1 (760) 782 0404 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm